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About the food

I started this blog because I greatly enjoy the pleasure of preparing, cooking and eating good food. That is food which is good in nutrition, flavoursome and seasonal, uncomplicated and uncluttered, where the quality of the ingredients is paramount and where the time spent making the dishes is in most instances, usually short.

This blog is a collection of recipes I regularly cook, whether entertaining friends, special guests, or having simple family meals indoors or al fresco, for modest or grand elaborate affairs, there is something here for every occasion, every season.

To make these recipes you will not have to buy a myriad of different items, neither will you have to spend hours arranging them daintily on a plate and you won’t be left wondering what all the complicated flavours add up to, and you won’t find odd mixtures of chocolate and blue cheese, or coconut ice cream and fried onions.  There are no long lists of peculiar ingredients, and no need for complicated equipment.

The recipes my not be the “flavour” or method of the moment but neither are they unfashionable, in fact they are quite timeless and reliable. I like to bring out the taste of ingredients, not mask them with exotic combinations of flavours.  I make full use of butter, cream, eggs, goose fat, olive oil, dripping, meat, fish and game and feel no guilt about indulging in these pleasures. Moderation and balance as in all things is important. Offset the days of rich intemperance with days of lighter fare, which is how the French typically tend to eat and let’s face it, you see very few fat French people.

To enjoy the best quality in food it is always better to take advantage of what each season has to offer and make good use of it. This is a measure of economy too, when things are glutting, the price generally reflects the fact that the supply outweighs the demand.

In the kitchen at House Clifton everyone without exception, is passionate about food. Here you won’t find the usual foams, streaks and off the planet collaborations that seem to be the trend. We focus rather on good ingredients sourced locally where ever possible, and cooked with integrity, allowing the ingredients to speak for them self.  Some recipes might be a little creative, but the ingredients never camouflaged. Keep it simple remains the focus and as always, is still the best.

Have fun reading, enjoy the recipes and if possible, take some time to leave a message.

About me

My life has always been influenced by the food and the hospitality industry. I come from a long line of ‘foodies’, hoteliers, restaurateurs, confectioners, caterers, publicans, and I too have done time at chef school, the latter which happened for me later in life. In hindsight, with my love for food and flavours of food, together with the influences from my background heritage, it was in the end only a matter of time for my passion and interest in food to follow that of my family before me, to enjoy a life in food.

Prior to the above my training and career was in the science and art of conflict management and resolution.

Social responsibility

I support eight disadvantaged people.

I provide a free consultancy and design service to two small growing businesses.

21 thoughts on “Welcome – About This Blog”

  1. Melissa Padia said:

    Hi Kate trying to get hold of you urgently – please send contact number and e mail

  2. Hi,
    Just found your blog. I am an ex South African, Sea Point actually, who had lived in a few places around the world, now settled in a gorgeous 18th century farmhouse in Dordogne, France, teaching cooking lessons and just enjoying life, food and wine.

  3. Hi Kate,

    My name is Eric Nairac and I am a representative at I&J Cape Town, South Africa.

    I am currently heading a new research project regarding food trends around fish and I am looking for the top food influencers in Cape Town.

    I am asking if it is possible to arrange a short interview (approx. 30mins) with you or one of your “Foodies” or “Food Experts” where I could sit and ask questions from a set questionnaire – regarding consumer insights around the demand for fish locally.

    Would this be possible? Who and how could I contact to further arrange the meeting/interview?

    Please email me at: erina@ij.co.za
    Or contact me on: 082 323 9078

    I really appreciate any and all support offered.

    Warm Regards,


  4. Adine Marcon said:

    Dear Kate
    Please send me your email address; its with regards to Taste of Durban, thanks.

  5. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. Now I’ve found yours—with a shortbread recipe! I’m putting my apron on now.

  6. Dear Kate Abbott

    We have identified you as one of SA’s greats!
    We have developed a unique, digital promotion off the Fresh Living magazine and Pick ‘n Pay platforms.
    An exciting, new first in SA!
    We’ll send you all the necessary info in the next few weeks, but for now we need your full name, contact numbers and delivery address please. We’d also like your stats in terms of your visitors and followers if possible.
    Please send these through asap and watch this space!

    Many thanks and Kind Regards,

  7. Hello, Kate–You left a raft of likes on our site and thought I’d check you out. Lovely, simple food. Great pics. Do you mind revealing where you are? We have friends in Knysna, SA and there are certain resonances… Ken

  8. Stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog, saw your mozzarella-wrapped prosciutto, and couldn’t hit the Follow button quick enough.
    Oh! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  9. Your photos and recipes look great! I can’t wait to see more 🙂

  10. Hello, I came across your blog via Karen’s blog The Backroad Journal. I really love your photography. I hope to keep coming back to read some great articles.

  11. Hi Kate, wow, your food looks so good, wish I could visit your kitchen and have one of your great meals. Great blog. Have a wonderful week.

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