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River Cottage Veg Every Day!


If you fancy a sneak preview of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest book ‘River Cottage Veg Every Day!’ (due for release mid-September) make sure you get your hands on a copy of this Saturday’s Guardian. You will find a selection of his favourite vegetarian recipes, tips and a little about his philosophy behind the book.

River Cottage Veg Every Day! is, as the title suggests, a vegetable cookbook. Whether or not it’s a vegetarian cookbook depends perhaps on your point of view, and your food politics. It’s not written by a vegetarian, or with the intention of persuading you or anyone else to become a vegetarian. But in the sense that not one of the recipes contains a scrap of meat or fish, then it is indeed quite strictly vegetarian.


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River Cottage Veg Every Day! is also available to pre-order from our River Cottage shop on Amazon.