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One of my favourite treats.


Some of today’s shopping treasures are these delicious organic chicken livers. One of my favourite Saturday lunch is often just chunks of homemade bread, chicken liver pâté, and a plate of good olives, some salami and slices of cheese.

This pate in my opinion beats any commercial pâté hands down and is quick and easy to make. It is a good base recipe which you can adapt and change as the mood takes by adding green peppercorns, cooked mushrooms or pistachios should you want to do so.



220 g Chicken livers

Milk – sufficient to soak the livers

50 g butter, softened

10 ml olive oil

45 ml whipping cream

2 Tablespoons brandy

salt and pepper to taste

25 g butter melted to use at the very end


Make sure the livers are nice and clean, removing any dark or green bits. Cover them in milk and leave for about half an hour to soak; this will rid them of any bitterness.

Drain the livers and pat dry. Divide the 50g piece of butter into 3 equal portions. Place one portion of the butter together with the 15ml of olive oil in a pan. As soon as the butter and oil begin to foam add the chicken livers, let them develop a pale golden crust then turn over and do the same on the other side. Do not overcook, the; livers should still be nice and pink on the inside. This should take no more than 3-4 minutes.

Remove the chicken livers and tip them and their cooking juices in a blender or container to use a hand blender. Add the cream, the balance of the butter, slightly softened; season well with salt and pepper and blend to a nice creamy consistency.

Add 2 tablespoons of brandy to the pan, in which the livers were cooked, bring to the boil so the alcohol burns off and reduce slightly. Add this to the pâté mix and whiz together.

Scrape the content into a bowl, smooth the top and put into the fridge to set for about 30 minutes, remove and pour melted butter over the pâté and refrigerate. It should be ready to eat in 3 hours but I like to leave it for a day or overnight for the flavours to develop.

Note: I find the hand-held blender produces a smooth, creamy textured pâté and therefore does not need to be put through a sieve afterwards.